Entegra Acquires Procent:
A New Era of Excellence in Hospitality Performance Improvement

Feb 28, 2024

Introducing Entegra and Procent

Entegra, renowned in business performance and procurement services, specialises in empowering hospitality-driven businesses. As the largest global food group purchasing organisation, Entegra excels in providing customised procurement solutions, innovative digital tools, and expert advisory services. Their aim is to enhance client experiences and assist businesses in achieving unparalleled success.


Procent, experts in non-food procurement solutions with a commitment to excellence, compliment that of Entegra, forming a formidable alliance in the hospitality sector.


Synergies and Benefits of the Acquisition

Entegra's acquisition of Procent signifies an expansion of its capabilities, integrating Entegra's expansive food sector services with Procent's non-food specialty. This union promises a comprehensive suite of solutions, poised to address any challenge in the hospitality industry effectively. 


Better Together: Bringing Hospitality to Life

The merger, founded on the philosophy of "Together, we bring hospitality to life,", not only expands their service portfolio but also enriches it. It synergises their strengths to offer holistic, innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of their clients.


Entegra now have enhanced expertise to provide a one-stop solution for Hotels, Restaurants, Leisure, Travel, and Care facilities. They are an unparalleled partner for independent clients and groups, as well as wholesalers and specialists of all sizes, whether they operate locally or nationally.


Impact on Customers and the Market

For clients, this merger means access to a more diverse range of services, signifying a fusion of expertise and setting a new benchmark in the hospitality industry. The combined force of Entegra and Procent demonstrates a commitment to driving unmatched value, ensuring that clients consistently lead in their respective markets. Engaging the entire supply chain, from upstream to delivery, is integral to service and unlocking additional cost savings.


Their agile approach means they operate either as an extension of their clients' procurement team or as the procurement team, depending on their unique profile.


Are you looking for the right solution to optimise your performance?

  • Control your raw material costs and non-food costs.
  • Protect your margins against inflation.
  • Boost your local and responsible purchases.
  • Save time for your teams with tailor-made operational support.
  • Gain full visibility on your purchasing activities at location and group levels, enabling well-informed, fact-based decisions.


As a proud sponsor-partner of G&M, Entegra-Procent warmly welcomes all Horeca businesses to explore the assistance we can offer and to benchmark their F&B expenses at no cost. Receive a customized proposal tailored to your needs. 


For more information on the enhanced services and how they can assist businesses, visit Entegra’s website, subscribe to their newsletters, and follow their social media channels.

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