Davigel becomes Sysco:
a new name and an additional offering for more added

Jul 15, 2022

These are exciting times for the Davigel food group. The company has expanded its range of 2,600 products with almost 2,000 additional references. A positive step, according to Tom Desmet, Country Director Belgium at Sysco (Davigel): "By expanding our product range, we ensure that we continue to offer added value as a supplier."

Sysco Belgium
Davigel is an originally French company that grew from a small family business to a food group with more than 60,000 professional customers in several European countries. Through its integration into the leading U.S. group Sysco, the company becomes even more of a privileged partner for foodservice professionals. At the same time, it retains its core values and strengths: integrity, excellence, teamwork and - last but not least - service and follow-up. Also nice to know: the entire staff team remains on board.

Sysco produces and distributes food and non-food products for the foodservice professional. "The Belgian branch will continue to operate from Bornem," explains Tom Desmet. "This is where we collect the products for the Belgian market that are prepared in our own production facilities in France. Only the typically Belgian products, such as stews or meatballs in tomato sauce for example, are produced at a small site in Veurne. Working with its own production facilities, sets Sysco apart from many competitors, who are often just suppliers. All steps - from development to delivery into the kitchen – are integrated, which also allows us to offer variety and innovation."

Total experience
About three-quarters of Sysco's production goes to commercial catering, the remaining part going to community kitchens. "The total experience - especially for restaurants - is very important," explains Tom Desmet. "When people go out to eat, they don't just expect good and tasty food, it also has to be well presented. That’s why we develop an average of 100 to 150 new creations a year. Our Davigel range included appetizers, starters, fine meats, seafood, fish, meat, poultry and desserts. The new Sysco range also offers, among other things, grocery products. Furthermore, our customers can choose between fresh or frozen, or between unprocessed, partially processed or finished products. In short: our artisanal know-how at the service of the chef's creativity.

Challenges and solutions
The catering industry faces major challenges, such as rising food prices, supply problems and lack of personnel. It is important to be able to buy value for money. Many restaurants are also learning to appreciate (semi) processed products. The substantial expansion of our catalog is intended to meet these needs in the best possible way. Moreover, the renewed, user-friendly web shop and app makes Sysco also accessible 24/7, so the chef can perfectly plan his purchases. Finally, thanks to our own truck fleet, we deliver quickly and directly into the kitchen.

Our contact details
Sysco Belgium NV, Rijksweg 19, 2880 Bornem, 03/393 94 70
[email protected] - [email protected] - www.sysco-be.com
Social media: Syscobelgium

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