Which wine is versatile, has a diverse range of styles and matches perfectly with just about any type of food or cuisine? Sherry! Especially at this time of year, with Christmas just around the corner, the warming tastes and flavours of these delicious wines are ideal for the festive season.

The world’s number one Sherry brand, Tío Pepe made by leading Sherry producer González Byass, is a “must have” for any wine aficionado or budding gastronome who make this Christmas a season to remember.

González Byass has been making award winning wines since the 1830’s and today the 5th and 6th generation of the González family are still at the helm ensuring that their wines just get better and better. The company’s leading wine brand Tío Pepe was the very first trade mark to be registered in Spain in 1936 and this number one Sherry brand is now internationally famous. Exported to over 100+ countries worldwide Tío Pepe is well-known for its versatility with food especially at this time of year.


To start

Fino Sherry is a sublime aperitif but can also be enjoyed on its own: Tío Pepe matches very well with all the delicious dried fruits we tend to eat at Christmas or with cured cheeses, salted almonds and olives before your meal.

When it comes to starting your meal Fino Sherry is a classic match with smoked salmon, another classic at this time of year…and with seafood. If you are pushing the boat out Tío Pepe is a wonderful partner for fresh oysters, prawns, lobster and any type of shellfish. The salty and nutty flavours of the wine complement the mouth-watering salinity of fresh seafood.

As you move through the holiday season and your festive feasting you may be tempted to move through the different sherry styles to suit the different occasions and meals you are having, an Amontillado or Palo Cortado can really add a different slant to your Turkey dinner on the big day, a rich Oloroso with some cheese or top it all off with luscious, sweet Cream and Pedro Ximénez Sherries to go with your dessert.

Something more serious

An Amontillado is a complex wine which provides a unique versatility. Showing both saltiness and bitterness from its ageing under ‘flor’ as well as a slight sweetness due to oxidation and higher abv, it proves a complexity which matches even the most complicated dishes.

Viña AB, an aged Amontillado from González Byass is a wonderful match with charcuterie, Turkey and chicken or roasted game, hard cheeses and nuts.

Oloroso and Palo Cortado are Sherries with much more structure and body, they are flavourful with a long and complex aftertaste and have both sweet, bitter or sour notes on the finish as well as some hints of umami. The Alfonso Oloroso and Leonor 12 year old Palo Cortado are wonderful with cured meats, rich meat stews and even salty caramel.

Sweet finish

Cream and Pedro Xímenez wines are primarily dessert wines due to their very high level of residual sugar. They can easily be served on their own but can also be paired with desserts. The González Byass Solera 1847 and Nectar are delicious with dark chocolate, a delicious Bûche and all Christmas desserts and caramel based desserts, dried fruits or simply poured over vanilla ice cream.

If you want to try something different this year and spice up this very special time of year you should look to the Sherry, and especially Tio Pepe and the González Byass sherries, to excite your taste buds and surprise your family with memorable matches to make this Christmas.

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