Serax - Cena by Vincent Van Duysen


The warmth and conviviality of a shared dinner were translated by architect Vincent Van Duysen into the CENA tableware. It is particularly honest tableware that doesn’t hide behind striking colours and textures, nor behind bold shapes. For this dinner service, Van Duysen started working with the archetypes of tableware. The typical shapes of cups, plates and bowls. These archetypes were then seamlessly translated into the acclaimed Van Duysen signature: warm and purified. No-nonsense. What you see is what you get. “CENA brightens up the table through its combination of various natural materials such as glazed porcelain, wood and smoked glass. Together, these materials create a warm and cheerful atmosphere that perfectly translates to everyone’s taste and lifestyle thanks to my familiar palette of colours in off-white and greige,” says Van Duysen.

Vincent Van Duysen

Vincent Van Duysen (1962) is one of Belgium’s most acclaimed architects, interior designers, and product designers. His style builds on purism and a sophisticated use of materials. Timeless designs, reduced to their very essence. His Vincent Van Duysen collection does not clamour for attention, it stands out naturally for its simplicity and tranquillity.

The warm simplicity of the CENA tableware encourages the user to add extra sparkle to the daily eating ritual. Cena is Italian for dinner, “a family moment by which I was inspired for this collection,” says Van Duysen. “The CENA collection illustrates the conviviality that accompanies such family dinners. The delicate and sensual organic shapes, but also the suggestive feeling of the glaze, wood and glass.”

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