Gault&Millau crowns the 3 best dishes at Tomorrowland 2017


Brussels, 26 July 2017 – This year the Gault&Millau Restaurant Guide was present at Tomorrowland for the 5th consecutive time to inspect the ´festival food´. Gault&Millau selected 3 award winners for the best food stands. This year, Gault&Millau was on site with a team of its own inspectors during three days, including 1 day with a young festival inspector who was specially recruited for Tomorrowland.

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Note: on the second weekend of Tomorrowland, Gault&Millau can be reached at the festival for extra information and/or interviews

Sven Van Coillie / +32 485 72 03 13 / [email protected]
Frank Cops / +32 475 97 63 05 / [email protected]


Debby Wilmsen
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Gault&Millau Festival Food Awards

From the more than 70 food stands, 3 winners were selected in 3 categories:

1. Gault&Millau best festival food:

The dish that received the most points from the inspectors and thus had the highest average score.

=> Blend Meat Croquette, Flemish Bun, Mizuna, Pickles Sauce by the Blend Brothers

A very nice variation on the familiar ´breadroll croquette´. The croquette is filled with a powerful mixture of pork cheek, pig´s leg, pig´s tongue and small bits of the trotters. The pork was seasoned with fennel pollen. Texture of the crust is optimal, sufficiently firm and a fun variation with the soft bun. The filling is a bit creamy and nice and warm. The croquette is served in a Flemish sandwich bun in which we also taste a fresh sauce with pickles and a spicy salad of mizuna. The Blend Brothers prove that an at first sight classic and easy snack can be transformed into a top preparation. Through the use of high-quality ingredients and a creative twist, they created a fantastic festival snack with an outstanding taste!

2. Gault&Millau best healthy/vegetarian festival food:

The healthiest or best vegetarian festival dish, focusing on the combination of taste and healthy ingredients.

=> Carrot Dog / STR-Eat by The Jane

The “Carrot Dog” is a vegetarian variant on the hot dog where the sausage has been replaced by young carrots. The carrot was prepared with cumin, retained sufficient texture and is very tasty – an ideal meat substitute! This comes between a spicy, crunchy and delicious ciabatta roll that is still a little bit warm, just the way it should be. The ´Carrot Dog´ is further seasoned with a baba ghanoush on the basis of aubergine and lemon pickle. The humus and the harissa mayonnaise ensure spiciness and a delicious Asian touch. Veggie is definitely not boring with STR-Eat from The Jane!

3. Gault&Millau most innovative festival food:

The most innovative festival dish - with presentation, taste and innovation all being evaluated.

=> Belgitude – Blond / Callebaut

Callebaut is clearly betting on innovation, and for the second time they score with an innovative dessert ´Straight from Belgium´. This year they offer an original chocolate dessert in a cup that looks like … a blond beer, thus uniting two famous icons of Belgian cuisine: beer and chocolate. The dessert is served in a beer glass and consists of an inner side of crunchy white chocolate on a base of passion fruit jelly. Inside there is a pure chocolate mousse with earl grey tea and bergamot, bits of brownie and red berries. On the outside you see only the jelly with a coconut foam collar that makes it look like a freshly-tapped Belgian beer. By gently pinching the cup the white chocolate breaks and you get a wonderful taste sensation. With the Belgitude Blond, Callebaut has created an innovative dessert centred on Beer and Chocolate.

These three winners receive a certificate that they can proudly display during the second Tomorrowland weekend and at other events.

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